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Philippines 2014A partnership of diverse mission agencies, the International Training Alliance came into existence in response to the deep need for leadership training around the world. We specifically focus on delivering an interactive course with the intention of passing on skills and knowledge to participants. While many books on the subject of leadership exist, leaders benefit from practical training to reach their full potential.

Many organisations using the word “training” focus on a teacher-centred model of lecturing students. ITA specializes in and emphasizes training. We use adult pedagogy that honours adults by building on their past knowledge and experience. Active participation is an integral part of our courses, with an emphasis on developing leadership skills. There really are very few other training institutions like ITA in the world.

Experienced leaders from several cross–cultural organisations have cooperated to create this specialized training.


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Our primary focus is leaders on mission

We train leaders and potential leaders actively involved in cross-cultural work around the world, both expatriate and national leaders.


Expanding the number of courses

At the present time, ITA offers six to nine courses per year, allowing approximately 200 leaders and potential leaders to experience this unique training.


Training in several languages

After 20 years of leadership training, ITA continues to receive requests from around the world.  In recent years, leaders working in other languages have not only requested the training, but have also given much of their time, energy and finances to help us make it available in languages other than English. We have hosted several courses in French in the country of Cameroon, with courses for other Francophone nations under consideration. After having delivered several short training courses in Spanish (in Spain, Cuba, Venezuela and Uruguay), the first complete Leadership Matters Course in Spanish took place in Lima, Peru in May 2016.

Helen, Roger, Reniel 2014

Leaders of Philippines LMC 2014

We have held several courses in mainland China. A core group of leaders is working toward the goal of offering training in Mandarin within the next few years.

A national committee of leaders from diverse organisations in the Philippines offers courses there each year.

After holding several courses in India, our hope is to develop a similar diversified committee for this great nation.

The leadership of ITA wholeheartedly supports other translation initiatives as well. It is a huge task and a major challenge, but we believe the need exists for this unique kind of training globally and therefore trust God to supply the resources for us to continue to expand.


Special emphasis on the training of trainers

ITA recognizes the development of more experienced and capable trainers as the key to the growth in the number of courses we are able to offer each year. To ensure the integrity of the course, we look for leaders with life and ministry experience in the areas in which they train.


A growing network of participating organisations

The network of participating organisations in ITA is growing. ITA anticipates between 10 and 15 agencies forming the alliance. The participating organisations release qualified members of their staff to become trainers, encourage members of their organisation to attend courses, share in the costs of organising courses, and many time they help provide aid for participants who need it so that they too can benefit from our training at a reasonable price.

ITA’s partners currently include:

  • Christian & Missionary Alliance World Fellowship
  • Caleb Leadership Ministries New Zealand
  • Operation Mobilisation
  • Tentmakers
  • Free Will Baptist International Missions
  • Global Partners
  • World Horizons

Participants from other organisations such as MMM, International China Concern, Horizons, Trans World Radio, InterServe, as well as national church leaders and a number of other national organisations, have sent participants for training. ITA welcomes invitations to include others in this broad network in the coming years, realising that such cooperation benefits the greater Kingdom.

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