Energising leaders through the LEADERSHIP MATTERS COURSE



ITA stands on the shoulders of visionary leaders: Cameron Townsend, David Cummings, Claude Bowen, Joop Strietman, Roger Lang and many others. We would not be where we are today without the work and dedication of those who blazed the trail for the training we offer. Several organisations have also contributed to the training: Wycliffe Bible Translators, OM (Operation Mobilization), CM&A (Christian and Missionary Alliance), and many more.

Our training dates from 1995. As we look to the future, we desire to honour the past, and to continue to blaze new trails offering the same helpful training for today’s –and tomorrow’s– leaders on mission.


Brown Vision BoxOne can approach the concept of Vision in many ways. We focus on four key areas: mission, values, strategies and outcomes. The following model visually expresses the pattern we follow.



See ITA’s GOALS for the next five years.


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