Energising leaders through the LEADERSHIP MATTERS COURSE

ITA Vision

Energising Leaders

Mission Statement:

ITA exists to provide transformational training

for leaders on mission globally


We do this through:

  • The Leadership Matters Course (LMC)
  • Facilitating the development of LMC in other languages
  • Providing trainer training and development
  • Enabling other organisations to apply the ‘Transformational training’ model in their training products.


  • To provide skills
  • To give biblical affirmation
  • To advance the Kingdom
  • To celebrate God’s diversity
  • To develop Kingdom community
  • To foster teamwork


  • Adult pedagogy
  • Participative training
  • Practice for skill development
  • transferable tools
  • Proven principles



  • Training events
    • Leadership Matters Course
    • Trainer Development Events
    • Coaching
  • Broad leader participation


  • Stories of energised leaders
  • Leaders who build teams


ITA Vision 2016 copy

See our GOALS for the next five years.

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