Energising leaders through the LEADERSHIP MATTERS COURSE

Participant Evaluations of LMC

  • This training has been the best I ever received. It gave me a toolbox to help me in all areas of life and ministry. –Gulbahor from Tajikistan

lmc panama group

  • This is the best leadership course I have ever done. I have been encouraged, valued, stretched and empowered. Graham Davies, UK


  • While I had a certain idea of what I hoped to get out of LMC when I DAN_9605came, I was amazed how God encouraged growth in me in areas I wasn’t even interested in thinking about before. Creative Access Worker, Asia


  • I’m leaving this course feeling affirmed in my calling and work and better equipped to handle our day-to-day ministry. -Creative Access Worker


  • The LMC is an incredibly engaging training. Our leaders at Field DAN_9585Director level walked away with a common language and set of tools in a toolbox that we can immediately put into practice. Dennis Jackson, Executive Director, Global Partners


  • This is the best comprehensive training available out there for mission workers that is practical skills-driven and relationship-based. Peter Lee, Creative Access


  • We have been immensely blessed by the two weeks of the Leadership Matters Course, one of the best trainings we ever attended. The subjects are condensed synergistic gleanings of effective and proven methods of godly principles that can be applied easily in life. The simplicity in which it is taught, the group exercises, role plays and assignments ingrained into your life will not only impact you, your church and community, ministry, people who come in your life, but will surely alter your core values, transform your world view into a new paradigm. Daniel and Hehzi (Indians in Gulf area)


  • I feel like God has used LMC to give me clarity of purpose and a bead on Jeff in Francefuture career steps.Mike Knox, Global Partners, Nicaragua


  • LMC brings together the head and heart of leadership in a practical, but in-depth and hands on experience. I loved learning in community and through relationship, while being guided well through the learning process by a team of excellent trainers. I walk away feeling empowered and equipped to lead, invest and develop my team.Vicky Burke, South Africa


  • Building up leaders with integrity of heart and skillful hands. – Ji Hye Lee, OM, Morocco


  • I should have come to LMC 20 years ago! –Jonathan Teo, CMAC, Singapore


  • I lead the Global Action Leadership Training on the Doulos with 34 participants. Again and again I thank God for the LMC that I attended and where I learned so much. After the LMC I had more confidence and a clearer picture of the Global Action Leadership Training I am responsible for. In addition I could speak in leadership conferences for local future leaders! PilHun Park, from Korea (director of training on m.v. Doulos)


  • This LMC course has been a catalyst for me, showing me the roots of excellent leadership and motivating me to step up to new challenges, especially in the areas of public relations, management and communication skills. Each Christian leader needs to experiment this kind of training.Heather Hahn, CMA, Mexico


  • The course presents an integrated concept of leadership. Whereas I may have come across much of the material before in a scattered way, this course brings it all together in a way that demands attention and a response. It will be valuable to me as I spend further quality time on it and integrate it into life and ministry. Phil Bushell, area leader in Southeast Asia


  • LMC is impactful both personally and professionally. It is practical, Biblical, and applicable in more ways than I can count.Kristi Burkhart, Executive Director, Pregnancy Care Center, USA


  • LMC is a well-rounded tool chest of ideas and practical “how to” to be used in every aspect of life and ministry.Tim Greenfield, CMA, Mexico City


  • I arrived at this course with heavy responsibilities and burdens with my present time commitments, but as the course progressed, I learned very quickly that this would be a most beneficial experience for my ministry. –Rich Schenck, Global Partners, Bangladesh


  • Thank you for modeling and showing true team teaching, building community, and a way of learning for change. I have heard and dreamed of these concepts, but never seen it demonstrated and modeled as well as you have done in the LMC.Ruth Nilsson, CMA, Mexico City


  • The LMC gave language to so many things that I had never clearly identified before. I’m convinced of its value and I am moving from being a student to an advocate of the course!Chad McCallum, Global Partners Executive Leadership Team, USAimage


  • LMC has become a milestone in my life. I highly recommend this training to all people in any kind of leadership position. –World Horizons missionary to Egypt


  • This course has shown me that God can use me as a leader. I go home with more confidence, trust, enthusiasm, and peace of mind than I have ever had in my life. –Anita Tansen, OM, Faroe Islands


  • You trainers walked along side us. I am impressed that you were there every day, even when you didn’t have sessions. You didn’t have us do anything that you had not modelled first! Abelardo Perez, Uruguay, OM Ships


  • The comprehensiveness of this course is vast, though it always provides practical and profound ways to implement the skills and traits in everyday life and ministry. Tim Gallant, Global Partners, Cambodia


  • I will be able to immediately begin applying a number of these new skills in my life and ministry. Chris Sumpter, Global Partners, Mongolia


  • LMC has been the most practical leadership and ministry training that I have taken part in over the past twenty years. It has provided us with some very concrete and practical tools for forming our team in Bulgaria. I think it will be giving dividends in Bulgaria for years to come. Tim Awtrey, FWBIM, Bulgaria


  • These concepts and skills will be permeating in my heart and mind for years to come. – Wendy England, OM, Barbados


  • As a team leader I would say that this course is a must! I know that I am more equipped and ready to achieve God’s desired results in my life. -Creative Access Worker, Spain.


  • There are many practical ways this course can be implemented in our member care ministry.Christopher Holt, CEF, London


  • Perhaps two weeks away from your family, jobs and ministry seems formidable, but it a substantial investment in your life-long learning process and continues to give dividends. Cheri Picksley, Global Partners, Croatia


  • Life changing. Madeline Berry, CEF, Ireland


  • Nobody should be allowed in a Christian leadership position without this training. OM should have this course once every year! –Ragland OM-India


  • This course is well conceived, cleverly put together and taught with both godliness and excellence. I would recommend it to anyone! Stephen Davies, Author/Worker, Africa

Switzerland 03.2014

  • This course has fundamentally changed my approach to my ministry management perceptions and has opened many areas that I didn’t pay attention to before. Geoffrey Byarugaba, Director of Africa Enterprise, Uganda


  • A tremendous asset to anyone who wants to shape their leadership skills and pick up some new tools to enhance their abilities. Andy Juliff, OM Ships


  • This course has inspired me to dream big for my ministry. Lydia Awtrey, FWBIM, Bulgaria


  • Because it is taught in such a practical manner, I will integrate this course immediately into my form of thinking and working. It will just be a part of who I am for many years to come. –Kristi Johnson, FWBIM church planter, Spain

Switz 3:14

  • Invaluable, priceless! Melissa Hall, UK


  • The course presented important topics for developing essential leadership skills. The emphasis on mastering skills made this the best course I have ever attended on leadership. I will highly recommend this to missionaries in Latin America. –Bill Mangham, CMA area leader for South America


  • Billy Graham called the CMA the best kept secret in the missionary world. I want to call the Leadership Matters Course the best kept secret in the world of missionary training. Tim Bupna, CMA in Brasil, church planter, lecturer at seminary and coach of pastors


  • As I go back to Asia I will take on a new job that is much bigger than I am, but I now feel prepared! Megan Reeder, with SIL in Asia


  • The best two weeks I have spent in a conference. Jaimie Lancaster, FWBIM church planter in Uruguay


  • I would have loved to receive these tools 25 years ago. Absolutely the most practical seminar I have ever taken. Stanley Bunch, former FWBIM area leader for South America


  • I have been given a compass so that I can find my direction in life. –Lannah Thatcher, FWB pastor’s wife


  • This course has given effective tools to help me in personal life, family life and ministry. I am grateful for them and I know my family and peers will be grateful too. John Schleh, CMA church planter in Dominican Republic


  • The LMC could be called: “What I should have learned in seminary, but no one ever told me.” I walk away from this not only with knowledge about what I should do, but knowing how to do it. Chuck Fanberg, church planter with CMA in Latin America


  • It’s been a real delight to see the growth and development of LMC and to hear testimonies now from scores of people who have been thoroughly blessed and really helped by their attendance at these training events. I have participated in the very first course that OM was involved in, which was held in Zaventem in 1995. I do remember still today some of the sessions, particularly that David Cummings gave at that time. Peter Maiden (former OM International Director)


  • The combination of the level of spiritual maturity of the Christian leaders who give this training, with the professionalism in their training skills and the fact that different missions work together in this course is unique in the world. –Ian Cullen


  • For me this course has been a life changing experience. I must admit that I have attended many other leadership courses and this one is the top of the notch. I mean it is the best one I have ever attended so far.  I can sum it up by saying: Skill empowerment. By that I mean Communication Skills, Relationship Skills, Management Skills, Life Management Skills, Ministry Skills, Training Skills, Creative Thinking & Decision Making Skills and Public Relations. I could have not have asked for any more than these.   When I returned from Brisbane, we were just finishing our Orientation. I was asked to do my final session on Communication between office and missionaries on the field or the sending churches and supporters. One skill that I learnt was in the area of How to Lead a Workshop. Without delay I used the toolkit on how to lead workshop. My topic was on How to have good communication between the OM office and the missionaries on the field. Guess what? I applied the skills I acquired at the LMC on How to lead Workshop. It really worked. I was able to draw a lot of feed back from the team rather then me giving all the answers.  The next day we had a farewell meal for all the trainees and again I was able to give my talk using the Modular speaking technique. Again it worked very well. Later my wife told me that my way of presentation upfront really improved. Kini Kila, OM leader in Papua New Guinea


  • This course contains so much that I would have loved to have received as a young leader in Iran, India and Bangladesh. We count it a privilege to be involved in this mentoring process of ploughing back some of what God put into us. –Mike Lythe


  • I don’t remember ever having had two weeks of more intensive training, and I don’t believe I’ve ever had two weeks of training that excited me more. Robert Bryan, Free Will Baptist missionary in France


  • The LMC has provided me with the backbone for various parts of my ministry. This training is powerful and relevant. I can’t wait to apply these principles to my ministry. –Winston Chiu, director of WBT on Taiwan


  • Everyone in leadership should go through this training. –Staff worker with OM in India

LMC India

  • This training has clarified vision for the future and has given me the tools that I need to make this a reality. The professionalism coupled with the affirmation led to an environment where for the first time I felt as confident as I often try to make people think I am. Thank you for unlocking so many doors! –OM missionary to Tajikistan


  • I came to the training as a bud and now I am a flower. Tomorrow I will be a fragrance to God. –OM staff worker in India


  • After 21 years of service in OM, this is the first time I had such a beautiful training. –Joseph Varghese with OM in India


  • I appreciated the fact all trainers are mission leaders with experience. It helped me especially in communication and management.  –Iwin with Indian Missions Association


  • I wished I had this before. I had stage fear and often I did not take initiatives because of fear. That fear is gone. –Binyamin with OM-India


  • Building and maintaining good relationship is what ministry is all about. This training helps me to do this, with many practical tools. –Ben Wyatt


  • I have attended other seminars, but this one is very different. In this one you don’t only listen, but practice. I can immediately apply what I learned in my village church planting work. –Anil with OM-Indiaimage


Letters received after courses:


Dear [Leaders of ITA/LMC],


Greetings from Durban, South Africa. Trust you are both well. Tomorrow I go to Cape Town, so I better get cracking on this email, which is overdue.

I have been reflecting on how the LMC may benefit WEC and its leaders. First of all. it is a course that touches every sphere of a WEC leader’s life. The two weeks that I was on the course was tremendous and it was a “steep” learning curve for me. It has challenged me in the way I have been doing my daily tasks and in how I am performing as a leader of an organisation such as WEC. I am already putting into practice new things I have learnt on the course. LMC has not only sharpened my skills and attitudes but has renewed my focus on being Christ-centered as leader. It has put tools into my hands that have given me more confidence and peace of mind as a leader. As the desire of WEC leaders is to be life long learners, we can only benefit from what LMC has to offer. The course challenges us not only in our task as a WEC leader but also touches on living out aspects of the Four Pillars of WEC – Faith, Holiness, Sacrifice and Fellowship. I started out and joined the course to be refreshed, but came away Renewed and on Fire to serve as a leader in WEC.

Just imagine if we could adopt this course for WEC leaders and for the WEC related Church leaders -how this could change and impact every sphere of ministry in the countries where we are working. We would have Christ-centered, skilled and equipped leaders doing their work confidently with peace of mind. WOW!!!

I have spoken extensively to most leaders at the International Conference in Germany and also with the new International Director for Training. They have been very interested in getting together with the LMC leaders to look into doing something for WEC. I hope the leaders follow up on the request and the benefits that there are in LMC.

Thank you again for my time on LMC in SA.

Warmly in His Grip,
Jeremy and Anne Kammies

(WEC leader South Africa)



Hi [Leaders of ITA/LMC],


Greetings from me in a very overcast Leeds!


How are you?  Have you been doing the LMC in Kathmandu with Mike?  I hope that was as good as the one we did.  One of the cool things that has come out of the LMC for me was that I wrote a paper on PR & Fundraising for our office and they have created a new job to do that and offered it to me!  That’s not all, I’m actually using the stuff I learnt every day.  My manager is away from the office for a month and I’m holding the fort and  the giving and taking delegations, running workshops, PRD’s  etc has all come in very useful.  I’m also using the relationship stack a lot and am teaching it to my church home group.  Basically that course was fantastic!

Greetings to Bernice and Mike and Mark K., and thanks again for putting so much into the LMC – I can’t tell you enough how much it has changed the way I work in every area of my life.

All the best,



Dear [Leaders of ITA/LMC],

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in Leadership Matters and for the invitation to World Horizons to partner in the facilitation of this course.

For me personally this opportunity came at a critical time in the development of our ministry here in the United States. It has been a wonderful opportunity to sharpen my communication and management skills and to grow in personal areas related to my role.

The high level of interactivity, the memorization techniques and the integrated nature of the teaching modules have all encouraged me to recommend the course to the wider community of World Horizons. I have also been inspired because this course is not just about listening to a lecture or reading materials about leadership areas, but also about productive application. Furthermore, I have appreciated the humility and self-giving of the trainers who, in their years of missionary experience understood both the challenges I face and those of our field ministry.

I would like you to know that I shall be doing all that I can to encourage my colleagues to take the course. I believe the Leadership Matters Course principles and philosophy overlaid to the existing culture of World Horizons will serve to greatly enhance our productivity. I hope that within a year or two we may be able to help facilitate an LMC.

Please pray with me as we advance World Horizons to full partnership in the International Training Alliance. Once again, thank you for this much appreciated growing opportunity.

Sincerely in Christ

Andrew Fuller

Executive Director
World Horizons USA

Dear [Leaders of ITA/LMC],

After the first week trying to hear what God wanted from me or for me, I heard about a LMC course in Turkey. When I mailed you, just one place had opened up due to a cancellation and I was invited to go. It was the highly recommended Leadership Matters Course.

What a privilege it was to attend for two weeks, and it fit so well with my past experiences on the field and the probable new jobs in the future!  I was in awe!

Toos Janse


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