Energising leaders through the LEADERSHIP MATTERS COURSE

What is LMC?

What is the Leadership Matters Course?

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The Leadership Matters Course is a two-week intensive course, focused on developing basic leadership skills for Christian workers around the world.

“Training” in the LMC context focuses on participation and practice with the goal of developing skills. Our objective is for the participants to remember the principles we teach after the course and to put them into practise immediately in their life and ministry contexts. Participants remember and use much more of what they experience in LMC because there are ample opportunities to actually practise the new skill, and then to apply the knowledge we give them, and all of this within the course itself.

For whom is the Leadership Matters Course designed?

The Leadership Matters Course is for people who are or will soon be in leadership positions, such as department heads or team leaders. The course is also well-suited for those who may not have large responsibilities over other people, but who have functions in one of the following areas: 1) public relations, 2) training, 3) communication and/or public ministry and/or 4) management.

We encourage executive directors to participate as well, preferably DAN_9609before sending team members working under them. LMC is different from most courses, and most alumni want to put what they’ve learned into practise immediately. This could potentially cause problems for supervisors who are not familiar with LMC. Plus, the insights and understanding directors and supervisors gain will enable them to decide who from their organisation will most benefit from participation in future courses.

The course will also be helpful for a full team and/or staff that belongs to the host organisation and for team or staff members who belong to other organisations with whom the hosting organisation works. In the last case the hosting organisation should know about the organisation and endorse the participation of its staff.

Team or staff members who belong to any of the ITA partner organisations are always welcome to participate in a Leadership Matters Course.

In terms of the individuals who attend, it will be helpful to keep in mind the following requisites:

Cameroon 2014English – Because of the highly interactive nature of the training, participants need to have the ability to express themselves well in English. People who are unable to do so may struggle and find themselves unable to fulfill assignments.

Time commitment for the course – Participants need to devote themselves completely for the full two-week period, including evenings and the weekend. There will be little to no time available for continuing ministries, albeit via email, Skype or phone. Go prepared to dedicate the entire time to the course. Only those who attend all sessions and complete all the assignments will receive the course certificate.

Personal motivation – The course is for leaders who have a personal desire to grow in the areas of personal and leadership skills. A positive attitude and open mind is essential in the LMC training environment.

Did you know that…
  • ITA has hosted the LMC in 34 different countries?
  • More than 400 different agencies have sent their leaders to LMC?
  • LMC’s 3000 alumni work in over 100 countries?

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