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ITA Council & Executive Team Meets


Noblesville, IN, USA. – March 20-24, 2017 the ITA Council and Executive Team celebrated a series of meetings.

  • March 20-21: The Executive Team and select members of the ITA Council held a Summit: two full days of prayer, green lighting and focus on the future.
  • March 22-23: The complete ITA Council joined the meetings for its semi-annual face-to-face meeting.
  • March 24: The ITA Executive Team stayed in Noblesville to do follow-up work from the Council.


From the Summit came two significant proposals for the Council’s consideration and approval. 


First, the Council has agreed that ITA will focus its resources, which means limiting the number of LMCs we offer each year. We have limited funds for our ITA Executive Team, and we have had challenges in securing appropriate venues at a price that our target audience can afford. Rather than continuing to expand the number of LMCs we do each year, we will focus them strategically in places where we have excellent venues around the world, inviting leaders from other countries to travel to these proven locations, taking more of a regional approach to our course offerings.


Second, the Council approved an added emphasis in another area: ITA will also focus its resources on the development of trainers—-training trainers in our philosophy of transformational training. As we all know, it is one thing to have content designed in a training format, but quite another to have trained trainers who understand this philosophy and are able to deliver the contents using a transformational approach to training. We think this approach can be used for leadership development (like in the LMC), but can also be applied to many other subject areas. We have continually received requests for this, and we believe it is time for us to work to meet this need. The ITA Council agreed, and gave its approval to move in this direction. 



In addition to these significant developments, the Council also thanked Roger Lang as he stepped down as chairperson of the ITA Council, a role he had faithfully fulfilled since 2010.





The Council elected Peter Nicoll (OM South Africa) as the Council Chairperson.






Elected Jake Lapp (Wesleyan USA) as the ITA Council Treasurer.






Elected Clint Morgan (IM USA) as the Council Secretary.