Energising leaders through the LEADERSHIP MATTERS COURSE

ITA Trainer Launch Experience

ITA TRAINER LAUNCH TEAM (L to R) Peter Nicoll, Jeff Turnbough, Nikki Nettleton, Londa Amundson, Rachel Johnson


Noblesville, Indiana, USA


7 April 2017. – Many of our three thousand Leadership Matters Course (LMC) alumni have asked us to help them understand better and to apply the ‘transformational training approach’ we use in our courses to other areas of learning. We believe and have seen over and over that ‘transformational training’ is a guided experience of learning and practice that has the power to change lives.


In April 2017, five ITA senior trainers met for one week to dream about this new initiative to train trainers in the art of transformational training. (See the picture insert.) We are calling this new initiative the ITA Trainer Launch Experience. Although it can certainly include LMC trainers, this will be in addition to the trainer development courses we have offered in the past specifically for LMC trainers. Our hope is to offer training for trainers using this approach to training for other subject matters. This is already happening, and we believe the need for additional training exists.


While the details will come sometime in 2018, we are very enthusiastic by the possibility of offering a 5-day intensive training for trainers, followed by a 12-month tailored time of coaching for life and ministry application.


Please pray for us as we begin the plan of action to develop this initiative. Watch for new developments we will share as they become a reality.