Energising leaders through the LEADERSHIP MATTERS COURSE


Pray for leaders! 

Pray for the pastors, elders and missionary leaders you know. Pray that God will raise others. 1 Timothy 2:2


Thank God for 3,000 alumni 

So many leaders have completed LMC, taking tools they would otherwise not have in their tool box. “LMC changed our organisation”, someone said recently. Psalm 107:103



Thank God for financial support

We have been amazed again and again by the way God has helped us to offer the training at limited cost. Thank God for His channels and for those who helped trainers travel. Philippians 4:19


Pray for the Germany LMC 

On 11 March the LMC in Germany will begin. Pray for sufficient participants to enroll, for the trainer team, and for the logistics of this course. Jeff Turnbough will lead this course.


Thank God for open doors

ITA has many invitations are on the table now for future courses. The need and appreciation for LMC is obvious and exciting … and its work! 1 Corinthians 16:9


Pray for the Zambia LMC

This LMC begins 8 April, led by Colin Phelps and Bob Bagley. Pray for the new venue in Lusaka, and the logistics coordinator Alfred Kalembo.


Pray for LMC Follow-On APPS initiative

Our desire is for LMC alumni to make habits of the tools they gain in the LMC. Pray that God can use this initiative to stimulate LMC alumni to be more effective. Pray for the coordinators of these groups, as well as all the members of the groups. Luke 9:23


Thank God for the ITA Partnerships

Eight different organisations work together with and for each other in this very special and unique alliance. Pray for God to bless this alliance, and to add more organisations! Philippians 1:5


Pray for the Philippines LMC

The LMC will begin here May 13, led by Reniel Nebab. Please pray for Reniel, the training team and the leaders who will attend.


Thank God for the ITA Council

Eight official representatives of the eight partner organisations make up the council, to give leadership and oversight to LMC. The Chairperson is Peter Nicoll.


Pray for the Spanish LMC (CLI)

The venue for the third LMC (CLI in español) in Spanish is El Salvador, beginning on 19 August. Murray Derksen is leading this course, the second time he leads this. Jeff Turnbough is working with Murray and the Spanish trainers to move this initiative forward.  Please pray for all involved in this initiative.


Pray for Jeff Turnbough

Pray for Jeff and Susana Turnbough. Jeff is the CEO of the International Training Alliance and the ITA Management Team. Ask God to give him His vision for the future of ITA, with the ability to effectively communicate this vision and wisdom to implement it.


Pray for the French LMC (PLM)

In September or October of 2018 the third LMC in French will take place in Cote d’Ivoire. (Abbreviation in French is PLM.) Pray for Robert Bryan who leads this project with enthusiasm.


Pray for the lead trainers

There are eleven trainers who lead LMCs around the world. Pray for Joop, Marc, Peter, Roger, Rex, Jeff, Pete, Reniel, Robert, Colin and Murray. Pray for future lead trainers, like Bob, Dave and others. Also, pray for more qualified trainers who can lead a specific track.


Pray for Londa Amundson

Londa works with trainer development Pray for her and her husband Dick.


Pray for LMC in Thailand

The course there starts 4 November, led by Joop Strietman. Thank the Lord for OMF who is sponsoring the course, and for Sam Lee who is doing the logistics. Pray!


Pray for Crispus Christian

Crispus serves as ITA’s operations administrator.  He also is the pastor of a CMA church in Mumbai.  Pray for his wife Silvana.


Thank God for the many committed trainers

Without committed trainers, none of the LMCs would be possible! They give their time, love and often pay their way. Every year a group of sixty or more trainers from around the world serve in the LMCs.


Pray for LMC in Canada

This LMC begins 2 December outside Alberta. Peter Nicoll is leading this course, CMA Canada is sponsoring this course. Thank the Lord for them and pray for God’s special blessings.


Thank God for Jake Lapp

Jake Lapp serves as the ITA treasurer. He does this as a volunteer, and in addition to his full-time role with the Wesleyan Church. Thank God for his vital role with ITA, for God to give him special grace and strength, for his family, and for time for relaxation.


Thank God for growing involvement in LMCs

For every LMC, we need a sponsoring organisation and a local logistics person. Without these, it is very difficult for LMCs to take place. Please pray for local logistics of every LMC this year!


Thank God for the early leaders of the LMC

Without these leaders, LMC would not have grown the way it has. For example, David Cummings and his team of Wycliffe began this initiative in 1995. Thank God for their vision.


Thank God for Rodney Yerby

Rodney serves as the ITA data manager. It is vital to maintain data from all the LMCs. Rodney volunteers his time to ITA in addition to his full-time role at the Kord Corporation. Pray for Rodney, his family, and for his time.


Pray for the ITA Management Team

The ITA Management Team forms the teams of trainers for each course, in conjunction with the lead trainers. This is a challenging and demanding job. Pray for guidance.


Thank God for networking

So many blessings came from people networking in LMC. One example is teacher now in Cameroon, because of connections made through the LMC. Philippians 4:14-17


Pray for more partners

We would love to see more organisations working together in the International Training Alliance. Pray that God will bring more agencies to unite in this alliance.


Pray for God’s global mission

Ultimately that is the aim: to help in His global mission. Pray to that end for translators, church planters, evangelists and those in support ministries. Pray that God will use LMC to help accomplish God’s purposes. Matthew 24:14


Pray for guidance and wisdom

It is a constant juggle to ensure quality in each LMC, to develop trainers, to organize all courses and to see growth. Pray for His guidance. Psalm 25:4-5


Pray for relationships

In the ITA initiatives around the world, people work together who live all around the world, working with many agencies and seldom can meet in person. The potential for relational conflict is great–something the enemy would love to take advantage of, when we do not pray. Pray for God’s protection, for His honour and glory.  Proverbs 13:12


Pray for God’s leading

As we set up teams in different countries and for different languages, we need God to guide and lead us. Please pray for this, thank Him for all He has done already, and for those who helped in the process. Philippians 1:9-11