Energising leaders through the LEADERSHIP MATTERS COURSE

Welcome to New Team Members

LondaLonda Amundson

Londa is not really new to ITA.  She has served for several years on the ITA Council, representing TentMaker Ministries, USA.  Londa has also served ITA trainers by leading trainer training workshops.

Londa lives and ministers with her husband Dick in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.  It is truly an honor to have Londa on our ITA Executive Team. She brings with her much experience and invaluable insights to offer ITA trainers in her new role as Trainer Developer.  Welcome Londa!



Version 2Crispus Christian

Crispus lives and ministers in Mumbai, India, along with his wife Silvana and their son Rezin. Crispus has worked with the Alliance Church since 1998, and is presently the pastor of the Bombay Bible Fellowship in Mumbai. He has served on training teams with the Leadership Matters Course, and has a passion for facilitating the training of leaders. In addition to working with ITA in the past, Crispus has completed training for the Kairos Course, becoming a head facilitator.

Crispus comes to our ITA Executive Team as our new Director of Operations. In addition to being involved in training, in this role he will serve as the administrator of the logistics of all the training courses ITA offers around the world.  Welcome Crispus!



Jake Lapp

Jake lives with his wife and two children in the State of Indiana, USA, where he serves as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with the Wesleyan Church. In addition to these significant responsibilities, in 2016 Jake volunteered to come along side our ITA Executive Team as a professional CPA to lend his expertise to our financial operations. He works closely in conjunction with Crispus and Jeff to ensure that ITA finances are managed well and in accordance with U.S. law, accountant practices and procedures.

When the Executive Team began the transition in leadership in late 2015, we struggled until Jake showed up! Like Esther, Jake has come to us for such a time as this! We are so very thankful to have Jake to lend his insights and expertise to ITA. Welcome Jake!



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