Energising leaders through the LEADERSHIP MATTERS COURSE

Board of Reference



Dr. Michel Kenmogne (Cameroon) 
Associate Director of Wycliffe Global Alliance, Africa Area and former General Director of the Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy

“The course is basic and excellent! It is valuable for families, pastors and even for leaders in the secular world. The challenge of French-speaking Africa is simply huge. This is a basic, workable and practical training in leadership and management and I pray that it will benefit many more people.”






Rev. E. Rajan (India)
Secretary-HRD with Friends Missionary Prayer Band

“This has been one of the best leadership training courses that I have ever attended. I wish I should have taken this course a little earlier. Devoting two weeks is worthwhile. I would recommend this course because it is not only a theoretical but stimulates the inner being and incorporates much practice. One of the most effective methods I learned was the power of storytelling. It made me a better communicator.”






John Kyle (USA)
Senior missionary statesman formerly involved with Urbana and at present still active as president of Senior Leadership Xchange

“When Claude Bowen and I started what we then called the Townsend Institute of International Relations and in the summer of 1978 held the first course with 36 Wycliffe members, we had no idea the basic concept would end up being so dramatically used worldwide 36 years later as the Leadership Matters Course.”






Joanne Shetler (USA)
Former Wycliffe Bible Translators in the Philippines

“Leadership is so critical. One of the many reasons I love this course is because it focuses on equipping leaders to develop the people they lead to their fullest potential. It emphasizes valuing people, building relationships with them, contributing to their growth and all the while learning from them. The focus is on being God-honouring leaders, who can verbalize their vision and have basic leadership skills.”






Dr. Paul Paksoal (Indonesia)
Leader of the 3000 Christian and Missionary Alliance churches in Indonesia

“The methods of the LMC course are amazing. When I preach I use what I learned to prepare my messages. It also helped me to be closer to who I experience as difficult people, who usually emerge around our leaders.”






Peter Maiden (England)
Served in many leadership positions. One of them was as the international leader for Operation Mobilization, till the year 2013

“It has been my privilege to speak to many Christian leaders who have been present at Leadership Matters course in recent years. Almost without exception their experience on this course has been immensely helpful. Many have said to me that it’s the best leadership course they have ever attended. As a movement OM has benefited enormously from the people who have attended the Leadership Matters Course.”






Jakob Wiebe (Germany)
Coordinator for Child Evangelism Fellowship in eleven countries in the Eastern part of Europe.

“What really matters in Christian leadership? For years this was my frequent question as I tried to raise leaders around me and as I aimed at becoming the leader God wanted me to be. While attending the LMC most of these questions were answered. LMC does not concentrate on a long list of duties and requirements, but on the person God wants you to be. I highly recommend this course to everybody who is not happy with the status quo. And it’s so much fun!”






Dr. David Cummings (Australia)

Former Director of Wycliffe in Australia and President of Wycliffe International

“The need today for effective leaders is great. The repeated statements from Churches and Missions around the world is “We have a leadership crisis and are desperate to find and keep good leaders.” There has never been so many books on leadership than today, but mostly they address the theory of “What” leadership is about. The impressive results from the Leadership Matters course that I have witnessed after two thousand participants, is their testimonies that the Leadership Matters training gave them the practical “How to” tools and skills that they have been looking for.”






Rev. Reniel Joel A. Nebab (Philippines)
President of the 3000 Christian And Missionary Alliance Churches of the Philippines.

“In 2009 I took the LMC in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Everything in the course was excellent and beneficial. What I like about the training was the interactive style utilized all throughout the course. The course has enhanced my management skills, relationship skills, communication skills, training skills and other essential skills. The different skills have helped me to become more competent in my practice of leadership. Our denomination, the past few years and now, employed the LMC as one of the leadership development strategies for the training of our current and emerging leaders.”






Rev. Dr. Rod Russell-Brown (Australia)
President of the Christian and Missionary Alliance of Australia.

“I have found the LMC training immensely helpful. The comprehensive set of tools and skills has increased my personal effectiveness in ministry and these skills are highly transferable to others. Whilst theory in leadership is important, LMC has filled a very important place providing practical tools to enable leaders to establish ministry based on solid relationships. We are using LMC as a key way to train leaders.”






Marnix Riupassa (Indonesia)
Director of Kartidaya, doing Bible translation in Indonesia

“LMC is the best leadership training program that I have ever attended. There were many excellent Christian leadership principles that I found during this course that I had never received before. The LMC not only helped me to learn and grow professionally, but also helped me in my leadership in my organisation. As a growing leader, I received much benefit from this course to help me lead in Bible Translation ministry. You also can benefit from this course. Don’t delay!”






Rev. Dr. Jayakumar (India)
President of Bible Believing Churches and Missions / Academy for Church Planting and Leadership in India

This is a ministry committed to planting mission-minded churches and raising leaders for churches and new church plants. A missiological thinker, writer and leader.

“LMC not only enhances the leaders’ ability and skills but also ultimately makes them to reflect Christ in all their dealings. I and my staff are so richly blessed by it. In particular organisations and churches in the developing world need this training inevitably.”

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